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Experts in Ultrasonic Technology for Flow, Level,
and Proximity Sensing
"Where every drop is under control."

Our History

Audiowell logo   Audiowell International, Inc. was founded by Jim Gates in 2010, and is an industry leading provider of flow, level, position, and proximity sensing solutions. Audiowell International focuses its efforts on the research, design, development, production, and support of customers looking for ultrasonic sensing solutions. With over 3000 piezo disc formulas and 150+ patents, Audiowell is well positioned to be your technical partner. We collaborate with our customers to provide an existing sensor solution and/or assist in the design and develop of a custom solution to meet specific application requirements. Audiowell International works in direct partnership with Audiowell Electronics, of China, and several other technology development companies in the United States. Our technology can be found on the reference designs of Texas Instruments, AMS, and Maxim Integrated Circuits.
new headquarters building    Audiowell International was originally located in the Atlanta, Georgia until May 2018 when we moved our headquarters to Huntsville, Alabama. Huntsville, the second largest technical company concentration in the world, offers greater access to technical experts and is home to a growing customer base centered around NASA and Redstone Arsenal.
    Customer service is the hallmark of any successful company and responding to the needs and requirements of our customers is the number one priority at Audiowell International. Please visit our Contact Us section with any questions concerning ultrasonic technology or Audiowell International products and to discuss your application.
     We represent Audiowell Electronics (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. (NEEQ: 832491), a leading provider of position, distance and speed sensor components and sensing solutions with focus on the research, design, production and sales of sensitive components, sensors and corresponding modular solutions.

Our Staff

Jim Gates, President - Huntsville Office
    Jim's engineering and design work using ultrasonic piezo devices dates back to the 1980's. Jim has spent over 30 years working with researchers, product developers, design engineers, and manufacturing experts to develop hundreds of new products and devices and to bring them to market. Jim holds patents in ultrasonic and capacitive sensor designs.

Drema Gates, Chief Financial Officer - Huntsville Office

Melanie R. Pepper, Vice President/Project Manager - Huntsville Office
    As a graduate of the University of Alabama Huntsville with a degree in Earth System Sciences specializing in Hydrology, Industrial Engineering and Mathematics, Melanie is responsible for the day-to-day management of Audiowell International. Her technical background makes her invaluable in working with those companies who are beginning to transition from electro-mechanical technology to the benefit's piezo ultrasonic technology.

Don Folkes, Engineering Manager - Huntsville Office
    Don has been working with Audiowell International since 2014 and brings one of the greatest Time of Flight integrated Circuit knowledge in the world. A graduate of Iowa State University with a degree in Electrical Engineering, Don spent the greater part of his career working in the semi-conductor business with companies like Dallas Semiconductors which lead him to becoming the Business Unit Manager for the development of the Time-of-Flight integrated circuit product line at Maxim Integrated Circuits. At Maxim, Don was responsible for the development, introduction, and applications support for the Maxim MAX3510X line of Ultrasonic Time of Flight IC's. Don went from Maxim to AMS (now ScioSense) where he was the Senior Business Development Manager for their TDC product line. These positions allowed Don to work with a worldwide network of top manufacturers for products ranging from utility meter companies to agricultural companies to automotive companies to process control companies and many things in between.
     Don's strength is in his commitment to our customer base, new and existing, to focus on providing the best product solution and then his support up to and through manufacturing. With his extensive engineering application experience and knowledge, Don is one of the few resources in the world that combines the detailed knowledge of Time-of-Flight IC's and knowledge of the ultrasonic piezo characteristics and functions. Don is a graduate of Iowa State University with a BSEE degree.
    Since 2013 Don has been focused primarily on ultrasonic solutions for flow. distance, and level measurement. At Maxim Integrated he was the Business Unit Manager that was directly responsible for the development, introduction, and applications support for the MAX3510x line of Ultrasonic Time of Flight IC's After that he was with AMS as a Senior Business Development Manager for their TDC product line in the Americas. In these roles he was directly engaged with multiple major worldwide customers which included top manufacturers of metering products and other industrial/medical sensing systems.

Bob Robinson, Chief Science Officer
    Bob is a graduate of General Motors Institute with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He brings a portfolio of experience from roles with AC Spark Plug Division of General Motors, Rockwell International Missile Systems, Lithonia Lighting, Alliance Laundry Systems, and Lancer Corporation. His experience with manufacturing, automation, product design, and beverage systems give practical insights into developing customer applications. He is known for his innovation using cross-functional collaboration.

Danny Nunley, Director of Sales - Huntsville Office
    With an extensive background in electronic distribution, Danny Nunley brings this valuable background to Audiowell International. Starting with Avnet where he was educated in how a global electronic distribution organization works to his time running SMD Electronics and now at Audiowell International, Danny has consistently demonstrated the ability to coordinate our product management and sales teams and to engage our outstanding technical support team to the focal point of application or design and support our customer base at every level and step of a design and application. Danny is responsible for working with our distributors which include DigiKey, Future Electronics, and Procom International. Our customers can find an excellent inventory at DigiKey and Procom International and Future offers Audiowell International coverage for the international as well as having Field Applications Engineers to support the design effort for Audiowell International products. Danny is a graduate of Athens State University with a degree in accounting.

Kim Long, Program Manager - Atlanta Office
    Kim Long has worked in the Electronics Industry for 35 years, gaining experience in Customer Service, Operations and Logistics Management. As a seasoned Program/Account Manager and Logistics Manager she is passionate about putting the needs of each customer first and finding the best approach to satisfy the needs of their specific program. In addition to working with the engineering staff and account reps to find the best product(s) for their specific application, she works with the purchasing and supply chain representatives to determine the best approach to satisfy their logistics management requirements.
    Outside of the office, Kim enjoys spending time with her family, pets, college football, reading and continually learning.

Mark Ditzig, Central Regional Manager -
     Mark is a graduate of the University of Illinois with BSME degree. Early in his career Mark was a design engineer for Molex before he joined ALRO Aim as their chief engineer. Mark brings an extensive engineering and problem-solving skills and experience to Audiowell International where in addition to his skills as an engineer and regional manager, Mark is fluent in Mandarin Chinese. Since joining Audiowell International in 2016, Mark has had the opportunity to work with design engineers, new product development engineers, and R&D engineers, in the automotive, agriculture, medical, and industrial world helping or customers select the best product solution for their applications.

Audiowell Electronics (Guangdong) Co., Ltd.

    Established in 1999, Audiowell Electronics (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. (NEEQ: 832491) is a leading provider of position, distance and speed sensor components and sensing solutions with focus on the research, design, production and sales of sensitive components, sensors and corresponding modular solutions.

    As a sensor manufacturer and solution provider, Audiowell has the most comprehensive sensor component product line in China. Our ultrasonic sensors, flow sensors, electro-acoustic devices and ultrasonic transducer devices are market leaders and widely used in a variety of industries and fields including automotive electronics, instruments and meters, intelligent security systems and health appliances. While serving Chinese customers, we have also provided professional products and services for the global customers in many countries and regions.
    Adhering to the business philosophy of "Be good, do better, create the best future", we are committed to becoming a global major supplier of sensors (position, distance, speed) and will continuously concentrate on cutting edge technologies as well as advanced manufacturing techniques, to provide innovative and superior products for our society and create a safe, convenient and comfortable life for everyone.

Our Strength
    Ultrasonic technology leads domestic market and stays in front in the international market


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