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Responding to customer needs and requirements is our #1 priority.

Audiowell logo    Audiowell International, Inc. was founded by Jim Gates in 2010, and is an industry leading provider of flow, level, position, and proximity sensing solutions. Audiowell International focuses its efforts on the research, design, development, production, and support of customers looking for ultrasonic sensing solutions.
     With over 3000 piezo disc formulas and 150+ patents, Audiowell is well positioned to be your technical partner. We collaborate with our customers to provide an existing sensor solution and/or assist in the design and develop of a custom solution to meet specific application requirements.
     Audiowell International works in direct partnership with Audiowell Electronics, of China, and several other technology development companies in the United States. Our technology can be found on the reference designs of Texas Instruments, AMS, and Maxim Integrated Circuits.
     Customer service is the hallmark of any successful company and responding to the needs and requirements of our customers and principals is the number one priority at Audiowell International. Please contact us to discuss your application or any questions concerning Audiowell products.

We represent Audiowell Electronics, Ltd.

audiowell electronics logo    We represent AUDIOWELL ELECTRONICS (Guangdong) CO., LTD. (NEEQ: 832491). Established in 1999, Audiowell Electronics (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. (NEEQ: 832491) is a leading provider of position, distance and speed sensor components and sensing solutions with focus on the research, design, production and sales of sensitive components, sensors and corresponding modular solutions. As a sensor manufacturer and solution provider, Audiowell has the most comprehensive sensor component product line in China.  As a sensor manufacturer and solution provider, Audiowell has the most comprehensive sensor component product line in China. Their ultrasonic sensors, flow sensors, electro-acoustic devices and ultrasonic transducer devices are market leaders and widely used in a variety of industries and fields including automotive electronics, instruments and meters, intelligent security systems and health appliances.  More . . .

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